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How it Began
Al Mobty Company for Contracting was founded in 1970 by Sheik Saeed Al Mobty aiming to offer the best services in the contracting business, trade and industry, and to contribute in the development of infrastructure in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is considered one of the leading companies in regards with capabilities, manpower and good record of achievements in the contracting , trading and industry.

It is a specialized company in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, railways, dams, all kinds of buildings, construction and expansion of cement plants, electrical and mechanical works, water and sewage works, treatment plants, telecommunications, real estate business, production of building materials, management and operation of projects , fast building systems, hospitals, hotels in addition to trading business such as trading and maintenance of vehicles, heavy and light equipment, building materials, and many other fields.

Introduction Introduction Introduction

1. Engr. Abdullah S. Al Mobty – Chairman
Engr. Abdullah S. Al Mobty – Chairman
  • Civil Engineering (King Saud University)
  • President of Abha Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2. Engr. Saad S. Al Mobty – General Manager
Engr.  Saad S. Al Mobty – General Manager
  • Civil Engineering (King Saud University)
  • Diploma in Planning & Development of Cities
  • Ex- Mayor of Khamis Mushayat Municipality

Mission & Values

Team Work
The company concentrated on building up a professional and qualified team , as it has a large number of engineers and technicians specialized in construction engineering, consulting engineering as well as industrial engineering. They form the specialized team who handles all the projects, contracting business and operations executed by the company. The company gained a good reputation in the field of engineering and construction through its vast diversified experience. It has offered unique services. The company cares for the variation of cultures and nationalities of its staff who are forming the operating team.

This has made the company develop its staff in all sectors by supplying them with new highly qualified and internationally experienced personnel, and providing many training seminars locally and abroad with those countries whose companies have business relations with the company.

The company currently aims to get an advanced and high position in the Railway construction business in addition to its other activities in the coming five years.

Team Work Team Work Team Work

Business Ethics
The company cares very much to keep strongly the business ethics which made it earn a strong and good reputation among its clients. Among the most important business ethics and principles adopted by the company and strictly applying them are the following :

First : Responsibility
That is originally resulting from the fact that it is a company which respects and adheres to its agreements and contractual obligations.

Second : Confidence
A self confident company who is well confident and strongly capable to work under all conditions.

Third : Quality
The company adheres to the highest quality standards in all its projects executed under its supervision . Its modern capabilities in project management helped much in this along with its remarkable care for good quality . The company very much cares for providing the highest execution standards .

Fourth : Respecting the time frame
During the operation period of the company which is exceeding 40 years , the company has executed a large number of vital big projects which were all completed before the specified completion date as the time factor is very important and essential to the company management.


Technical & Management Capabilities:
The start up of this huge entity at the end of the sixties of the previous century was very simple. Then the experience and capability have grown up, accumulated and improved year by year until Al Mobty Co. for Contracting has become one of the rare Saudi companies which contributed in executing international projects outside the Kingdom in addition to its important and vital contribution through the execution of many development projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the past 40 years.

As our company is proud of its founder Shaik Saeed Al Mobty and his sons , we are grateful to those active members from the first and second generation who contributed in its foundation. Also we are proud that we have developed a highly qualified team of staffs who contributed and are still contributing in the success and growth of this entity.

What we depend on , after ALLAH, in the continuation and development of this company is the joining of the coming generation of our qualified sons to work in the company with full courage and activity to hold the company flag and continue the progress. This ensures that we will continue moving to a prosperous future with the blessings of ALLAH.
Company’s Assets:
The company owns all the technical , engineering and administrative capabilities in addition to the machinery, equipment, vehicles and residential complexes for the employees all over the Kingdom. It owns the fully equipped offices, facilities, workshops and warehouses , providing efficient logistic support to the company contracting activities. Such advantages , provide a strong base enabling the company to contribute and execute many projects at the same time. Besides the highly qualified and experienced teams of engineers, technicians and skilled workers who have been well qualified to execute any type of projects with high efficiency and productivity and to complete the contracted works on time. The company has branch offices in Saudi Arabia and other branches and liaison offices in many countries. The company has doubled its assets during the last two years to comply with the huge booming in the construction projects in the kingdom.

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